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Sûrement un peu rêveuse, j'aime adoucir les arêtes de ce monde un peu triste, d'où ce côté un peu surréaliste que vous remarquerez dans la plupart de mes réalisations... Ce sera du positif ou du négatif, c'est selon mes sentiments du moment... Merci de votre passage dans mon monde aux couleurs du bonheur ou du noir de la tristesse...

Merci d'être passé dans ma bulle, bon retour dans votre dimension...

Surely a little dreamy, I like to soften the edges of this world a little sad, where this side a little surreal that you will notice in most of my achievements ... It will be positive or negative, it is according to my feelings of the moment ... Thank you for your passage in my world in the colors of happiness or the black of sadness ...

Thank you for being in my bubble, welcome back to your dimension ...

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Heidi digital art, mes dernières parutions...

29 mai 2016

Deep connection ...

The screenshots of my game Sims4 used for this work.

My two characters

Thank you to creators for Sims , clothing, skins , hair, programs.
I could create the unique character of my Sims , thank you for the excellent Zerbu program.
Electronics Arts, Maxis pc games (Sims4)
Support Origin.

My first objects created for my game, a frame with my creation Enjoy.
Here he is placed on the wall.

Merci Jean-Yves pour ce beau partage

Resources used for this creation.

Gradients and textures PhotoshopCS6 :

A photo of the moon that I took with my digital.

Thank you for your visits , your nice comments , I appreciate so much all these people share, still a big thank you to all my friends♥

Presentation of some drawings I made ​​in the last week :

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